Happy New Year to All!!!

The holidays have been filled with lots of presents, good food, family and most of all LOVE!! Thank you to those of you who donated your time to spend here with us during the holiday season!

The kids from St. Norbert's Church came in to sing Christmas Carole's for the residents and Oh What a Joy that was!! Seeing the youth of our community always puts a smile on our faces! Thank you to all the schools for the Christmas Cards as well, they are a blessing!

We would like to tka ethis time to give a special HUGE Thank You, to all of you who put up Christmas lights this year especially the town of Batchtown, Tony Sievers and Jerry Sievers!  I am very happy to say that I have been able to take 51 residents to see Christmas lights this year!!! You will never understand the joy and smiles you bring to the residents from the time and effort you all put into the light displays.  I cannot express how thankful we are for you!

Santa Clause cam for a visit on Wednesday, December 23rd and brought gifts for all of us!  We enjoyed refreshments, Christmas music, family and good visits!

On Wednesday, December 28th, Sir Buttercp came for his regular visit to see the residents.  He was adorned with gold bows down by his mane as well as a couple of braids atop his head and then a huge bow atop his derrier!! The residents always look forward to seeing Buttercup and he so easily makes everyone smile with his charm and grace!!

We look forward to a new and exciting year and can't wait to see what it holds in store for us!!




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